Why Divorce Can Take So Lengthy – Licensed Divorce Monetary Advisor Phoenix

I spoke to one of my coaching clients this morning and she expressed her frustration and said, “Why is it taking so long?”

Although the past year with Covid has caused huge delays in the judicial system, we seem to be able to go through the process at a more “normal” pace.

If you are lucky enough to avoid going to court and are managing your divorce through mediation, collaboration, or home improvement, you may be in a better position to move forward faster.

But not necessarily….

What are some of the reasons your divorce is taking so long and what can you do if you feel “stuck”? Should you try to speed things up?

As with so many things, when it comes to a divorce, the answer depends on it. As mentioned earlier, divorce is full of emotion – both for you and your spouses.

These emotions can slow things down

Usually the person who wants a divorce wants it faster than the person who doesn’t want the divorce. The one who wants a divorce gets impatient and angry and can argue and fight with their spouse to get things done! The one left behind feels unfairly treated and scared and will do anything to drag things out no matter what! If both spouses are emotionally trapped in their positions, the divorce will take MUCH LONGER than you can imagine.

But sometimes there are reasons that make a longer duration useful. When kids are involved and they’re having a really tough time, it can make sense to slow down the divorce.

The home may need to be sold before the divorce (although there are so many ways to deal with this by bringing in a real estate professional, mortgage specialist, and a CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst))

If the divorce is consensual, it can slow down because one spouse really has to process the emotional overload in order to make good and rational decisions.

Whatever the reason, whether it is in your control or not, there are things you can do to deal with it.

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