Yarrabah man remanded in custody as extra particulars emerge within the homicide of his son

Police have confirmed that a man charged with the murder of a five-year-old boy in Yarrabah was the child’s father, and have described his alleged actions as protracted and brutal.

Jason Ross Allan Fourmile appeared in Cairns Magistrates Court this morning.

He’s been remanded to appear again in the Yarrabah Court on 7th September.

His child was taken to the Yarrabah Hospital with life-threatening injuries eight days ago and was flown to Townsville Hospital in a critical condition.

He died on Monday.


Detective Inspector Kevin Goan said an undisclosed ‘implement’ was involved in the alleged assault but it’s not believed it resulted in the fatal injuries.

“The 24-year-old was the child’s father – biological father,” he said.

“It was an assault of the young fellow by the offender using an implement.

“They were the lesser of the injuries injured.

“The injuries that were sustained by the child, there’s evidence and we will allege that there had been assaults that had occurred over a protracted period and that unfortunately the injuries that cost the young boy his life we ​​say occurred on or about the 16th August.

“They were confronting – confronting to the investigators that are dealing with this matter and confronting for the family to have to deal with.

“We don’t link those injuries to any implement but certainly there was implied significant force that’s been used against the child.


Det Insp Goan said another family including children were living in the house where the alleged offenses occurred.

“Our message to the community would be that if you know people are suffering from domestic violence or you are aware that there’s excessive force being exerted on children for disciplinary purposes or otherwise it’s incumbent upon everyone to protect that child.”

Police say their inquiries are ongoing.

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