Baby Assist Motion Dismissed Over Lack of Acknowledgement of Paternity

Michael E. Bertin Partner at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel.

The recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court case, Denelle v Denelle, 243 A.3d 230 (Pa. Super. 2020), addressed an interesting topic related to the overlap between the signing of paternity recognition and child support.

Jamie Denelle (the mother) filed a maintenance suit against Samantha Denelle (formerly Marc Allen Denelle) (the alleged mother). According to the opinion, the mother and the alleged parent started dating when the mother was three months pregnant with the child. The alleged parent was aware of this while the mother was pregnant and the mother informed the alleged parent that Nick Medved was the birth father of the child. “During their relationship, the mother and the alleged parent agreed that the alleged parent would not be financially responsible for supporting the child and that the mother would pursue Medved in support of the child.”

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