Chicago’s grandmother’s plea for custody of three grandchildren

Chicago – – Chicago’s grandmother is seeking custody of her three grandchildren after her father was brutally murdered in Mexico last year.

Maria, Regina and Johann Vargas were left alone on the streets of Cancun last year after their father’s bodies were found in pieces. Her mother was later arrested for her role in other horrific crimes.

“I don’t want these children to fall into the hands of human traffickers. They were killers and we wouldn’t have seen them, ”said Julie Contreras of United Giving Hope. Said.

With the help of Mexican priests and nuns, their children found their way to the US border. Children aged 9, 6, and 5 arrive with trauma, and the youngest children cannot speak at all.

“One of the priests came all the time and sat with the child until it was handed over to the Refugee and Relocation Agency,” Contreras said.

Almost a year after his father was murdered, the children are not yet reunited with their grandparents in Chicago, the only family in the United States.

Although the children are technically under the control of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Administration, proponents say they are offline because their families do not know their whereabouts or condition.

“This country is celebrating Independence Day, but for whom? Not for children in cages, ”said lawyer Vanessa Alas.

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Chicago’s grandmother’s plea for custody of three grandchildren

The Chicago grandmother’s plea for custody of three grandchildren

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