Divorce brings monetary woes to 40% of affected youngsters in Japan

A recent survey by the Japanese Ministry of Justice found that 40.5% of people who went through a divorce or parental separation as minors experienced financial difficulties after the event.

According to the survey, the proportion of respondents who lived with their mother after their parents separated was 78.6%.

It was the first time the ministry conducted a survey on the effects of divorce and parenting on children.

The online survey conducted in January included 1,000 people in their twenties and thirties.

Over half of the respondents knew whether their parents who left the child were paying the other parent’s maintenance, including living and education costs.

Meanwhile, only 16.8% said the absent parent duly paid this allowance, while 14.9% said this money was not paid until a while after the separation.

Those who said such payments were made occasionally came in at 6.8% and 18.9% said the absent parent did not pay that money at all.

When asked if they had someone to talk to when their parents divorced or separated, 43.7% said they had nothing to talk about.

In the meantime, those who said they didn’t know who to speak to even though they wanted to and those who said they kept their feelings to themselves, as well as those who said they didn’t want people to do anything about familial did Report problems, 46.9%.

Only 8.9% said they had spoken to someone about the situation.

Regarding the desirable support and care of children who are divorced or separated, with multiple responses, 44.3% suggested a system for reviewing the mental and physical suffering of children after their parents separated, while 42.9% suggested the facility Requested by counseling centers are easy for children to visit.

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