Who’s Lisa Johnson and when did she cut up from Dr Dre?

MUSIC mogul Dr. Dre does not financially support his estranged eldest daughter, 38, who lives on her car, as she complained about him in the media, a report claims.

Here’s more about LaTanya Young’s mom Lisa, who dated the musician as a teenager before he became a legendary rapper and record producer.

Dr.  Dre is a famous rapper and media mogul


Dr. Dre is a famous rapper and media mogulPhoto credit: AP: Associated Press

Who is Lisa Johnson?

When she was 14 years old, Lisa Johnson began dating Andre Young – who later became Dr. Dre became known.

She grew up in South Central Los Angeles before moving to the west of the city.

“Her father was no longer in the picture and her brother had been killed in gang violence,” says Ben Westhoff’s book Original Gangstas: The Untold Story of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, and the Birth of West Coast Rap.

Westhoff adds, “Andre seduced her when she was in ninth grade, she said, but their relationship was controversial from the start.

“Johnson’s mother thought she was too young to be together, so the two of them left school to meet secretly.”

When did she get away from Dr. Dre separated?

Lisa Johnson, now 53 years old, split from the now 55-year-old rap legend in the late 1980s when her eldest daughter LaTanya was five years old.

Does she have children with Dr. Dre?

Lisa Johnson had three children – all girls – with Dr. Dre.

They are: LaTanya (1983), LaToya (1984) and Ashley Young, born in November 1985.

Johnson got pregnant with LaTanya when she was in tenth grade in Fremont, and her angry mother kicked her out of the house, according to the original Gangstas book.

She gave birth to her first girl at the age of 15, while Young was 17 years old.

“He was a really proud father then,” recalls Johnson.

On May 29, 1985, Judge Pro Tem ordered Lee B. Ragins Young to stay at least 100 meters from Johnson and pay $ 200 a month in child support for each girl, the original Gangstas book adds.

This followed an allegation that he “punched me in the mouth and broken my lip,” Johnson alleged, according to a police document.

Johnson has never brought criminal charges against him, so their allegations “have never been decided in court,” Westhoff’s book adds.

But her aunt had helped her apply for a combined child support and domestic violence injunction, the book adds.

Westhoff quoted Johnson as saying, “He didn’t do child support and he didn’t stop contacting me.”

She also said he didn’t contribute financially to the upbringing of the children until a court forced him to do so in the ’90s, long after he became a big star on NWA and as a solo artist.

The rap legend has six children with different women.

His eldest daughter, LaTanya Young, claims she hasn’t seen her father in 18 years.

Now 38 years old, she has also claimed she makes a living from her car despite begging for help from her father, who is worth around $ 820 million.

LaTanya is currently a struggling single mother of four who works in grocery delivery and a warehouse in California.

“My kids live with friends – they don’t live in the car, it’s just me,” she told

She said that her father had been supporting her financially until early 2020, adding, “He helped with our rent and made a grant, but he told us he wouldn’t do anything more. I’m on the street. “

Representative of Dr. Dre did not immediately respond to The Sun’s request to comment on Young’s allegations.

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