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Threat inside

For the first time in US history, the peaceful transfer of power is threatened by force until troops and additional police officers are deployed to monitor and counter the violence. The threat is not a foreign enemy. They are not Muslim terrorists. They are American citizens. Mostly white nationalists who failed to prevail in the election of a man who was and is the most incompetent man ever elected to office.

Child benefit

You doomed these people to fail anyway. OK, you owe child support, but you’re behind. Well, now we’re going to throw you in jail so you can be more behind and then let yourself out and repeat the process!

That’s all of stimulus checks.

Messy city

I’ve lived many places across the country. Nobody would allow what this city does: garbage, empty buildings, debris from fires, vehicles and furniture on lawns.

Enforcing the codes already in place would go a long way in solving this problem. That’s not overreach, that’s the solution.

In other news

More great news! Thank you God! Today the Supreme Court suspended the mail delivery of abortion pills.

It was Trump and Trumpliken who tried to overturn the results of an election in order to stay in power, not the Democrats

Prohibit chokeholds

Let’s see one of them stop a criminal.

Montgomery execution

Bobbie Jo was such a sweet soul. What this woman did was more than terrible.

The students want suggestions

I worked at Walmart when I was in school. I mean, it’s possible to have a job AND go to school and not have to depend on your parents to pay for everything … I even filed my own taxes!

Let’s see Lord I didn’t get any free money. If your parents don’t pay 50% of your living expenses every year, but challenge you, then they’re breaking the law. Call them and tell them you want your $ 600 or that you are calling the IRS. By the way, President Obama proposed and signed the law that you can stay with your parents’ insurance until the 26th. See, you’ve just learned a life lesson about free things.

To impeachment

You got a Supreme Court judge through in a week. Then they can have an impeachment in a week.

Charging Trump at this point is just mean and vengeful, which pretty much describes today’s Democratic Party.

I love how the Republican line is that Democrats are “creating tension” by indicting the president and that we need “unity” after their party has just launched a coup attempt.

They do it so he can’t run again and to punish him for all of his lies that started with it. It’s not the Republican Party, it’s its cult supporters.

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